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Patrice Davis – better known as She’saLady Dj Davis / LadyFlex – was born and raised in her hometown of Texas. Her love of music kick-started as a young Dj with exposure to a variety of different genres of music. Her attention was sparked by being in the middle of male Dj’s peers that she discovered her deep passion and appreciation of being a Lady Dj. She met her affinity for Soul music some years ago, took flight with the love of some specified sounds, Southern Soul. Blues and some Jazz. Her talent as a Dj of four years has been a learning experience, it took a lot of time and hard work of becoming the very best with her craft.
LadyFlex started with just one station, which leads her to many others including local events, wedding, birthdays, etc., she’s also become the head Dj of Enviez and Davorites’, from this point was invited as a guest Dj by another club owner. Her craft in mixes of the best of Southern Soul, Blues, Zydeco, R&B, Country, Hip-Hop, and Jazz has spark the attention of so many followers and a fan base.
A few years ago Patrice, advanced her career with software development in Business Entertainment with an Associates Degree.


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